Resin - Clear - 100ml

$15.00 USD


Product Details

The Clear resin cures into a translucent color. It’s firm, but flexible, like ABS. It can be used to make strong parts that can take a bit of a beating. The translucency lets you see into complex parts more easily or create interesting light effects depending on the thickness.

Each 100ml resin bottle comes with a printing film. 

Once the part is finished printing, you just need to leave it in sunlight to fully cure; no other chemicals or special equipment required to finish a print.

Once cured, you can sand it, paint it, and glue it easily.

Every ONO resin has undergone stringent safety and reliability tests and have been certified for safe use in the USA, Europe and over 100 countries worldwide. 

ONO resins do not contain any toxic chemicals.

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